Ucapan Ulang Tahun Paling Keren, Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Ucapan Ulang Tahun Paling Keren, dalam Bahasa Inggris

  • May you continue to improve as a person every New Year. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • Birthdays are unique times, the more you celebrate, the more you are assured of success.
  • To the world, you may be just a person, but to me, you are more than the world. Happy birthday love.
  • Happy birthday to you my friend; You bring so much joy to my heart!
  • Life is tough but birthdays are smooth because I will finally have a chance to smile at you. Happy birthday
  • Take a day off to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday
  • Wishing you a memorable day and an adventurous year, Happy birthday.
  • I want this day to come every time, so I can thank your parents every day for bringing such a wonderful person to me. Happy birthday. 
  • Light up the world with your smile, wishing you a happy birthday.
  • Your birthday brings in amazing benefits – your company, delicious food, new friends, melodious music – bring it on! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday dear, may your birthday bring loads of fun and cheer!
  • Oo! I just woke up my neighbors, can’t contain my excitement on your birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY – See you soon.
  • You have decoded a way to a great life! Happy birthday, my friend, now make best use of your find.
  • You are the most compelling thing which has happened to me. Just can’t be without you. Happy Birthday!
  • I want to lose myself in your arms, happy birthday, my love, my life. 
  • May all wonderful desires of your heart come true this day!
  • The best secret yet to be revealed is your true age. Happy birthday my dear friend. 
  • You brought light and colors in my life. Happy birthday love.
  • You are the master of many, I love the way you make friends and keep them for years so many. Happy Birthday!
  • With you, no minute spent is same, it is always what next. Keep it happening, Happy Birthday! 
  • One great year, leads to another. Happy Birthday!
  • Another happy year of smiles and joys! Happy Birthday! 
  • Birthdays don’t make us older, but wiser and more mature.
  • If birthday is a child’s holiday, I wish you summer vacations. 
  • All I wish for you is a thousand reasons to smile.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who defines being exceptionally articulate and overwhelmingly smart. Have fun! 
  • May this day be so happy that smile never fades away from your face.
  • May luck, success and happiness never leave your side! 
  • Yes, God creates magic, you are the proof.
  • I wanted to get something cool, terrific and priceless for your birthday, but I don’t fit into the envelope. 
  • Thank God for sending you in my life. Happy birthday dear! 
  • Since you came into my life, my life has become brighter.
  • Congratulations for another year of experience, memories and birthday cakes.


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